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At present, the risk of increased circulation of vaccine-related polioviruses and associated outbreaks with a low level of vaccination coverage against the background of the use of an oral vaccine is also complicated by military operations in the country, leading to the destruction of the infrastructure of cities and towns, intensive migration and evacuation of the population. Ukraine, and to regions where there are no active hostilities (Chernivtsi, Transcarpathian, Lvov, Volyn regions). These areas were the ones with the lowest polio vaccination rates in 2021.

Ми підсвідомо надаємо перевагу знайомим та зрозумілим речам і навичкам. Але прогрес невпинно крокує вперед. Сучасні автоматичні та напівавтоматичні прилади з манжеткою на плече мають високий клас точності та рекомендовані як для професійного, так і для індивідуального використання. Обмеження щодо точності стосуються переважно приладів для вимірювання АТ, які накладаються на зап’ястя.

Specialists of the Laboratory of Epidemiological Research and Medical Informatics of the State Institution “Institute of Public Health named after A.I. O.M. Marzeeva NAMNU” researched the issues of health status, its subjective feeling, as well as behavior that contributes to health or is risky among people of all ages. Assessment by adolescents and young people of their own health, life satisfaction is important for the development of both preventive programs and directions for promoting health. At the same time, it is also important for the elderly and elderly to maintain an active lifestyle, maintain health, work (self-realization), and overcome the so-called biological determinism. It is reasonable to consider the social environment as an important determinant of health. In this regard, the question of optimizing the social environment arises, since in the absence of a comfortable social environment focused on human development, there are actually no constructive conditions for the formation of good health.