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When transitioning to biological therapy, subcutaneous administration should be considered to limit patient contact with the healthcare facility. Selective switching from intravenous infliximab to subcutaneous anti-TNF is not recommended as it may increase the risk of relapse. If the patient is in contact with a COVID-19 person, withdrawal of anti-TNF therapy for 2 weeks should be considered.

During the fighting near Izyum in the spring of 2022, military Mikhail Yurchuk received a complex wound. As a result, the man lost an arm and a leg. First, he was fitted with a prosthetic leg, and recently at the Lviv National Rehabilitation Center "Indestructible" - a modern bionic prosthetic arm. Thanks to special sensors, it can reproduce familiar movements. Now the warrior is undergoing rehabilitation. This was reported in the First TMO Lviv.

Возникновение и течение АГ тесно связано с наличием ее модифицированных и немодифицированных факторов риска: наследственность, психоэмоциональные нагрузки, курение, несбалансированное питание (употребление избыточного количества соли, насыщенных жиров), избыточное употребление алкоголя, избыточная масса тела и малоподвижный образ жизни.