чгто беспокоит покраснение кражнеж плоти у малчгика

"It was an ordinary day, a cold morning. I was sleeping after a night shift and woke up from the fact that massive shelling had begun. A tank unit of 16 tanks approached us. Our armored personnel carrier was shot down before my eyes and I ran to help pull the guys out, but did not I ran a little, there were about seven meters left, I could hear the whistle of shells, explosions and darkness ... I rubbed my eyes from the ground and saw that there was a bare bone in the place of the arm, I thought that I should see what was happening with my legs, if I could move. "I thought that I would die, but I was lying, I realized that I would not die for a long time, that I would live and I had to do something, and I put on a tourniquet," the military man says.

Всемирная организация здравоохранения 11 марта 2020 г. объявила эпидемию нового тяжелого респираторного коронавирусного синдрома (SARS-CoV-2) пандемией. Количество заболевших во всем мире постоянно растет, инфекция представляет собой серьезную угрозу здоровью, особенно в случае пожилого возраста, иммунодефицитного состояния и наличия сопутствующих заболеваний. В настоящее время растет количество сообщений и результатов предварительных наблюдений, указывающих, что вирус COVID-19 может также поражать кожу. Поражения кожи, начиная от «ковидных пальцев» до крапивницы, могут являться потенциальными признаками коронавируса.

The criteria for assessing their own health by young people (25-44 years old - according to the WHO classification) were distributed as follows: almost half of the respondents, regardless of gender, rated their own health as "good"; every 4th of those surveyed - as "very good"; “Mediocre” health was noted by every fifth woman and every tenth person; almost the same was the proportion of respondents who rated their own health as “bad”; the level of subjective assessment of "excellent health" was observed in every tenth man, while in women it was absent.